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Our first cohort of Autism Champions are now out delivering training themselves!

Robin joined up with Spike to deliver his first one day course and they had amazing feedback!

Read it here


We have been in contact with Arif who is the CEO of YPSA in Bangladesh.  Beyond Limits  donated £3434 earlier this year and Arif and Judith were working to ensure every penny reached children who need it. Arif is in the camps in Rohingya Bangladesh that have so far absorbed close on 1m refugees out of Myanmar. 

Judith asked Arif what she could do. Arif said “find more organisations willing to donate”. Want to do something that means something rather than just sitting at your desk? Help us persuade someone, anyone, one organisation to share the up and coming Christmas “excess” with people who have nothing to eat, drink or use for a toilet.

If you can help please get in touch. Judith is on hand and ready to help you twist anyone’s arm that needs twisting. Meanwhile watch this before you book your table at your Christmas party.


On 6/11/17 we spent time in Harrogate with Board of Trustees for Ripon Community Link (RCL). Spending time with Boards is always a challenge. They hold responsibility for the working lives and lived experience of people. Most inspiring about RCL was the courage with which the Board and CEO grasped the development nettle turning development needs straight in to potential. We are delighted to be returning for round two in January. Thanks for the invite brave people.


Saw the start of our 10 module (18 month) Leadership Programme for middle Managers in Bolton Cares. The programme kicked off with a presentation from Kate Fulton reflecting on innovation in human services from across the world. Inspiring an ambitious vision is where it starts and delivering it is what we'll be measured by.

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