There is almost always a project to manage in social care organisations. You are rarely able to conveniently plan and manage workflow and there are times when need outstrips capacity. As resource is scarce we offer an alternative to employing someone or engaging an interim. We generate capacity when and where you need it.
As  well as leading and managing projects, if we don’t have the expertise you need ourselves we will do the work to source it.
We have direct experience of planning, managing and evaluating work-based projects from the “inside” as well as on a consultancy basis.


Examples of recent work include:

  •  A  two-year project to help eight people move from forensic services back into their own homes in the community. The project included a successful application for capital, commissioning specialist provider services, working with people moving out to produce robust service designs, plans and support guidance and work with local community specialist health services in preparation for supporting the move
  • An eighteen month project to develop organisational strength, systems and capacity in supporting people labelled as challenging and those with autistic spectrum conditions
  • A one-year project designed to significantly improve the use of assistive technology to enhance independence, improve service effectiveness and reduce the cost of services
  • A one-year project to set robust service standards, measure performance and deliver an improvement plan
  • A six-month project to design and implement a large-scale management restructure delivering 20% savings
  • An eight-month project to deliver a three day inclusive conference for a provider organisation designed to impact on organisational culture and well-being
  • A three-month project designed to provide staff with skills in setting up “new business” and understanding and exploring different forms of organisation in response to evolving Welsh Government policy
  • Review of services to people with challenging behaviour Dimensions 10/14 (3months)
  • Review of Bolton Cares Bolton Cares 02/17
  • Review of services to people with ASC Hft 12/14 (18 months)
  • Team Coaching & Development AVIVO, 11/14 (1 year)
  • Support to User Led Organisations Inclusion Gloucestershire 2014 – 2016 (18month project)
  • Organisational Safeguarding Investigation Wales, 12/15
  • Mediation Intervention 9/15
  • Autism Partnership Board Gloucester, 2017 – 2018 (1 year)
  • Bespoke support and intervention for people with complex needs associated with Autism Regular and Ongoing

As well as offering direct support with project management we also offer a two day course in project management and leadership.

Trouble Shooting


Occasionally, despite best efforts, some services run into serious difficulty that comes to light through internal review, complaints or contractual or regulatory compliance activities. Services in a turnaround situation create a significant drain on organisational resources, often when a local or leadership team is least well resourced to cope.

Depending on capacity we can either lead or offer specific skills to a turnaround team. Our aim is always to work confidentially in the best interests of the people you support, your team and your organisation. In this situation we immerse ourselves adopting the same interest in the pace and quality of delivered improvements as you. We stick beside you for as long or as little as you need us to and can usually turn our hand to whatever part of a turnaround project you most need us to.
Clearly it's not easy to offer on a website  examples of work we’ve undertaken but we can provide references in confidence subject to negotiation and discussion.


As life in third sector organisations gets leaner, it can be difficult to internally source the quality of investigative skills needed in complex situations. You need to know that you can depend on quality, impartiality, thoroughness and sensitivity. We offer fully qualified, experienced investigators to ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.


Working with families

We're most often invited to work with families and teams when something is getting in the way of a joint working relationship.

Our approach includes working with groups of staff to help them constructively understand, reframe and depersonalise dynamics. We design targeted interventions to resolve relationship breakdown between staff or other professionals and families. The resulting emphasis is a focus on best outcomes for the person supported. This work is designed and delivered with and including people in the circle of support for example people using services, family members, support teams and professionals.


Working with teams and groups to deliver collaboration, common purpose and group effectiveness.

What is facilitation?

Groups work best together when members have a common purpose, energy, commitment and work functionally through conflict.

Facilitation and development helps teams to:

- Get to know each other
- Share an understanding of common goals
- Commit to reaching those
- Identify areas of function and dysfunction

About Us

Delivery of fantastic services is our passion. Determination to use our skills and talents in the most effective way possible is what unites us. The belief that all people have strengths, tapped and untapped, binds us together and the conviction that most people in social care think the same is the inspiration that gets us up and going every day.


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