Autism From The Inside Out

A one day course co-delivered with people with lived experience. Designed to raise awareness of living with autism and basic support needs and strategies for supporting people well.

Autism In Depth (2 – 4 day courses)

Autism In Depth builds on Autism From The Inside Out and is designed for people with daily contact with people with ASC. It covers a range of interventions, best practice and innovation in supporting people well. Participants leave with a better understanding of Autism and a range of practiced tools and strategies to draw from to support people well.

Bespoke Training & Consultancy

Our team has extensive experience of working with people with Autism considered “complex” by the service system. We offer a range of products each designed around understanding a person and supporting their circle, team, organisation or service system to get it right.

We also have extensive experience of intervening where services and service system are failing someone.

Organisations & ASC

Offered on a project or a review basis, this product supports organisations to work well with people with autistic spectrum conditions in ordinary housing and in their communities.
Inputs, organisational feedback and recommendations cover, but are not limited to, assessing and developing organisational structure, service design, leadership capability and capacity, systems, policies and procedures, working with stakeholders and learning and development capacity.

Autism Champions

Our Autism Champions Course has been designed for people who have attended Orenda's one-day "Autism - From The Inside Out" course. An Autism Champion is a member of staff, family member or person with lived experience of Autism who becomes an expert and resource for others.

Autism Champions Forum

About Us

Delivery of fantastic services is our passion. Determination to use our skills and talents in the most effective way possible is what unites us. The belief that all people have strengths, tapped and untapped, binds us together and the conviction that most people in social care think the same is the inspiration that gets us up and going every day.


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