About Orenda

Delivery of fantastic services is our passion. Determination to use our skills and talents in the most effective way possible is what unites us. The belief that all people have strengths, tapped and untapped, binds us together and the conviction that most people in social care think the same is the inspiration that gets us up and going every day.

Here’s a sample of some of the people currently contributing to our work:


Brilliant at: inspiration, innovation, leadership, project management, business development, quality, troubleshooting, executive coaching, emotional intelligence, challenge and understanding autism.

Judith says: “I have worked in social care since 1986. My work experience started during and after University in roles as a support worker, first in day and then in residential services. My third job involved visiting most long-stay hospitals in the South of England. It had a profound and lasting impact. I’ve been a Commissioner. I’ve worked for a Health Authority, Local Authorities and a number of third sector organisations. I wrote "Better Services for People with Autistic Spectrum Conditions" for DH in 1996 and I am privileged to include in my CV the roles of Chief Executive of Kingwood Trust, Corporate Director of reach (Supported Living) in Wales and Director of Consultancy for Paradigm. My driving purpose is to improve services for the people who use them and for the incredible people who work in them.

I “cut loose” from the security of a salaried position to set up Orenda in the belief that “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world..... it's the only thing that ever did” (Margaret Mead). We all have a limited time to make an impact. Orenda is my way of finding space to apply myself  everyday to what I do best."


Adam says: "My name is Adam Black, I'm 31 years old and I live in Dorset with supported living in my own flat.

When I was a young boy I was diagnosed with Autism and I now help groups and individuals to understand what it is to live with this condition.

I went to a specialist college, Ruskin Mill, where I learnt lots of skills.

I like Sculpting and Animation. I also like camping in Dartmoor.

My ambition in life is to design and build my own Log Cabin home.

I very much enjoy working with Judith North and visiting Bolton Care."


Brilliant at: staying calm when things get tricky, listening, not judging, working with different people and approaches, helping people to see new ways of doing things, looking for the good in all situations, negotiation, staying positive, seeing a situation from different perspectives.

Erin says: " I have worked for over 10 years in the equality and diversity arena within the UK. The majority of this work focussed on ensuring that those who were most affected by changes to policy and practice were involved in the decision making processes. I worked with Local Authorities, Emergency Services and the Health Service. During this time I had the privilege of working with some inspiring individuals who were adamant that their voices should and would be heard.

More recently I have been working in Perth, Australia, with individuals (their families, friends, team members and other stakeholders) to explore appropriate strategies – safeguards, to ensure that people can live the life that they choose, whilst maximising their opportunities and safety, and considering the safety of others.

I have been working to support organisations, teams and individuals to work in partnership with people and families in policy and practice development.

As sad as this may sound I also have a real interest in the measurement of outcomes; the aim of this work is to ensure that individuals are exploring all elements of their lives and therefore directing their support in the most meaningful way to them."


Brilliant at: Promoting coproduction through practice, supporting people to make changes to the organisation they use or work for, autism champion and trainer.
Robin Says: "Much of my work has been around supporting people to find their voice. I have created platforms that enable people to communicate and influence change. Using creative activities I have supported people to grow and make sense of the world using radio production, making films and setting up social and development groups. I aim to create an environment where all can flourish, gain independence and move forward in their lives. I believe in regularly reviewing services and evolving to meet the needs and wants of all involved and that Person Centred Practice should be organisation wide and should consider the wellbeing of everyone involved."


Brilliant at:  Thinking in the shoes of a neurotypical. 

James Says: "I was diagnosed with autism aged 35 after a life full of depression, anxiety and addiction. 
I function differently each day according my state of mind and my environment. I enjoy helping people understand what it is like to be autistic."


Brilliant at: leadership training, ideas, coaching, organisational development, team building.

Kate says: "A long standing  background in social care, senior management experience, consultancy experience, a track record in the delivery of leadership training, fervent writer, inveterate ideas person, accredited Sue Stone Foundation coach and building brilliant teams are just some of the incredible ingredients that make up Kate. Take those, her love of life, her love of people, her humour, her humility about her own talents, her passion to make a difference and her track record in sticking alongside people and organisations through thick and thin and you'll know why Orenda would n't and couldn't be who we are without her."

Kate's in Australia at the moment, building on her experience with Perth Home Care Services and WAIS (Western Australia Individualised Services). The wonders of internet technology and friendship mean she continues to be a major contributor to our work and future.

Making Pricing Transparent

We want to be clear about our pricing so you can see we are an affordable, dependable and safe solution.

A day rate looks expensive compared to what PAYE staff earn for similar work, so here’s rough guide that compares the two and helps you get an idea of what you think our work is worth before you call us and start to negotiate.

Online Calculator

Annual Salary



Day Rate Equivalent



Agreeing a Price

Agreeing a price happens in three simple steps:



Look at the table and work out what you think the skills are worth and what you can afford and

Stage 2


We think about what you want done and who can do it. We cost and TELL YOU.

Stage 3


We negotiate and settle on a day rate that works.

Comparison to annual salaries is not the only factor in influencing price setting. Other factors include:

  • Market availability of the skills and knowledge
  • A consultant's other commitments
  • Risk assessment and estimated costs of non working days
  • Duration, type and volume of work on offer
  • Proximity and lifestyle disruption.

Usually where two consultants are needed rates will be offered separately for each, although we will try to offer reduced rates for double-ups where we can.

About Us

Delivery of fantastic services is our passion. Determination to use our skills and talents in the most effective way possible is what unites us. The belief that all people have strengths, tapped and untapped, binds us together and the conviction that most people in social care think the same is the inspiration that gets us up and going every day.


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