welcome to orenda

Orenda is a human services consultancy. We are passionate about the delivery of outstanding person centred support. Our mission is to provide practical assistance to organisations when and where it's needed. Our commitment is to deliver great support and to evidence its' impact in a way that adds clear value.

We deliver simple, timely and affordable solutions to organisations working hard to be brilliant. We are the trusted, practically-focussed extra pair of hands you need when circumstances demand. We work by getting alongside you and putting our collective experience to work to meet your immediate and future needs.

We’ve worked in human services and we’ve done what you do. We understand the challenges you face and can help, from non-exec and executive level to staff working in direct service delivery. Whether it’s something strategic, developmental or innovative that you are looking for or just a time-limited additional resource to respond to an everyday problem, we’ve done it before and we can do it for you.

Our approach is simple. You tell us what you need, we’ll do it - and if on the odd occasion we can’t, we’ll tell you and help you find someone who can. We can only offer you a flavour of what we can do via a website. Can’t see what you are looking for? Call us and let us help you find it.

Orenda means "
the power within us to create change in the world and ourselves". Allow us to help release that power inside your organisation and inside you.
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